10 points agenda of pres aquino in sona 2011

Investors, foreign policy analysts, and defense planners joined philippine citizens in listening carefully to president benigno “noynoy” aquino iii’s second state of the nation address (sona) on july 25 in manila. Respect for human rights in war vs drugs urged too: workers call for war vs endo, poverty on the occasion of the opening of the new congress and the sona speech of president rodrigo duterte, the workers group partido manggagawa (pm) called on the government to wage a vigorous war against contractualization and poverty. Philippine president noynoy aquino iii delivered this 2011 sona or 2011 state of the nation address last july 25, 2011 (monday) at the house of representatives (lower congress), batasan pambansa complex, quezon city, philippines. President noynoy aquino s 10 point agenda pnoy’s ten point agenda in basic education 1 12-year basic education cycle (k+12) our president is planning to expand the basic education cycle, from a 10-year cycle to a globally-comparable 12 years, for our public school children. Davao city (cnn philippines) — a former agriculture secretary and close friend of presumptive president rodrigo duterte on thursday (may 12) disclosed the 8-point economic agenda of the incoming administration.

10 covenant with the local governments to build more schools president noynoy aquino is planning to build more schools in areas where there are no public or private schools in partnership with local governments, as well address our persistent classroom and teacher shortages. B labor and employment policy reforms and d 22-point agenda on the 22-point labor and employment policy agenda of president benigno s aquino iii has. President benigno s aquino 83 things pnoy mentioned in his 5th sona the president has to take into consideration all interests and points.

10 ways to fix philippine basic education, noynoy's 10 point agenda 2010 sona president benigno s aquino iii. State of the nation address of pres benigno s aquino iii creating jobs is foremost on our agenda, sona politics speeches benigno aquino iii sona 2010. Sona 2011 of president noynoy aquino tnx for posting sona of president congratulation president aquinoat last we have a good and honest presidentclean. The column was published six months before president aquino did what agenda in the high court, to the point of ongpin sabah sona 2011 state.

Mother language education in president noynoy's 1st sona (reposted from dila forum, by sir manny) the good news from rep magtanggol gunigundo is that he was able to talk to president noynoy aquino and president aquino said he would mention in his sona his 10 point agenda which includes mle. President noynoy aquino (pnoy) will be giving his second state of the nation address (sona) soon like his first sona, his speech will most likely be full of motherhood statements similar to all the previous speeches he had delivered since he announced his plans to run for the presidency in 2009. The first formal state of the nation address was delivered by president manuel l quezon on june 16, 1936 at the legislative building in manila the dates of the sona were fixed on june 16 of every year at the start of opening sessions of congress, by virtue of commonwealth act № 17. During his campaign for the presidency, candidate noynoy offered a 10-point agenda for education in his state of the nation address last monday, president benigno aquino iii focused on three of these points, namely, the 12-year basic education cycle, additional classrooms, and gastpe.

This is an english translation of the sona 2014 delivered at the batasang pambansa complex, quezon city, on july 28, 2014. President aquino’s 16-point agenda 90 in the crafting of the philippine development plan 2011-2016, the national economic and. This is the ten point education agenda of the philippines which was stated by president noynoy aquino during his first sona - july 26, 2010.

  • Will aquino’s speech this year be any different from his previous speeches what are the likely accomplishments he hopes to announce on this important occasion here are my guesses.
  • Update: 10 points socio-economics agenda ng admin ni pres digong sona: pres duterte, aquino: tulay ubos ang 3.
  • Simeon aquino iii to run as the 15th president of the his 10-point governance agenda points on human rights situationer 2011.

The document includes a 16-point agenda aimed at creating social and structural change rappler reviewed this document to determine how he has fared as president we classified these 16 points into 7 groups: corruption, economy, poverty, justice, overseas filipino workers, peace and order, and environment. The president of the philippines, gloria macapagal-arroyo, holds many records elected as senator during her first try in politics in 1992, she was re-elected senator in 1995 with nearly 16 million votes, the highest number of. Similar to former president benigno aquino’s eight-point agenda, duterte’s list aims to address various issues that negatively affect the development and growth of the philippines the points focus on three main aspects: reduction of government bureaucracy, infrastructural development, and investment in human capital. Sona 2014 by president benigno s aquino iii video sona 2014 by president benigno s aquino iii full text transcript benigno s aquino iii, fifth state of the nation address, july 28, at 3pm on july 28, 2014 philippine president benigno s aquino iii delivered his fifth state of the nation (sona) address to the filipino people.

10 points agenda of pres aquino in sona 2011 President-elect rodrigo duterte earlier vowed to sustain the current aquino government’s economic policies to ensure the continued expansion of the economy, which in the first quarter of 2016 posted the highest growth in asia at 69 percent.
10 points agenda of pres aquino in sona 2011
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